Thursday, February 23, 2012

SPNB and Rumah Mesra Rakyat

You know bout Rumah Mesra Rakyat? A project by the Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB). I knew bout this but never really bother not until my mom received a call from my grandma at Kampong. 

The Wakil Rakyat in Kuala Penyu is currently promoting this project to the orang kampung. Anything to do with the coming election? Oppss..

My mom plans to build a house on her tanah at Kuala Penyu. She is quite certain bout the plan. For her hari tua kunun. With her EPF savings, I doubt the amount is enough.

And the project is just perfect! Basically, SPNB will build a landed house with 700 sq ft (for Sabah/Sarawak) on your land and you would only need to bear two-thirds of the cost of building the house, which is in the form of an interest free loan. The rest of the cost will be borne by the government.

The design of the Rumah Mesra Rakyat

The layout

In practical terms, those under this scheme will be able to own their own homes by just paying RM150 per month for the duration of their loan.

My mom is very happy and excited about it and looking forward to proceed with the application thingy. 

For more info, click here.

On other notes... Talking bout SPNB, sakit hati pula ni. It has been a year from the date of our Sale and Purchase  Agreement with SPNB for the purchase of our under-construction Putatan-Platinum-Apartment. The apartment scheduled to be ready by Aug last year which later was delayed to Dec last year. Again we heard that it was delayed to March this year. It was then I googled and found few articles and complaints from other purchasers that the project is actually delayed until Sept this year due to some issues. Hmm.. 

Can't imagine if we are proceeding with our plan to go back for good this coming May and the apartment is actually not ready to move in yet!! Then, we will be definitely in big problem!! Hope there will be no more delay after this coz I think all the blocks are 90% completed.


  1. Betul2 delay kaitu apartment ko? Ayoo, bikin sakit kepala saja owh. Padahal sa tinguk happening tau development di Putatan.

  2. Wah that is 1 good news oh.. Kalau tanah atas bukit dorang buat kah tu? Hihihi....

    Anyway i hope ur apartment will completed before time... Kalau tidakk...menyewaaaa lg...adedededh....

  3. wahh.. belum siap?? Susah juga tu.. rasanya tu bukan masalah kontraktor semata2 tu.. ada la tu yang bikin spoil juga tengah jalan tu kalau gitu..

  4. SPNB! Ya ok tu klu ada tanah sendiri..boleh apply kan...Ada sa suruh c G apply tu...

    Hmm..yg apartment di Putatan dengar mmg delay tu Just...One of my cousin pun ada beli sana...huhu...Tapi harap2..cepat lah siap kan...

  5. Sis Mouren - yup, sia rasa mmg delay laitu. bikin panas owh. Hrp dpt kasi settle cpt la.

    Cath - nda pula sia tau kalau tanah atas bukit. psst.. klu sdh siap, sia mau kasi sewa tu rmh since kami pun masih d sini. :)

    Aki - kalau dari artikel2 yg sia tebaca, payment issue kunun. hmm..

    Julie - owh cousin ko pun beli d sana? klu ko ada news psl tu apt, ko kastau sia aa.. bagus tu klu c gee dpt tu rmh spnb. :)

  6. aik..klu teda tanah pun buli beli ka tu?

  7. Nah itu lah tu mum sa pun sibuk pulang balik kg (kp) mo p urus pasal tu...abis dia mo buat rumah di kg di tanah dia tu.

  8. yang d area bandar pun drg nda mampu kasi siap.. ni kan pula d pedalaman.. huhuhu.. saya mau saman ni SPNB klu durang lambat kasi siap tu rumah kami sana putatan.

  9. dei..kenapa gia ni SPNB ni teruk betu;; sa rasa kan durang ada hutang sama tu contractor tus tu kontraktor inda mau resume tu construction..or any related to OC ka?

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  11. Lagi teruk di Vista Minintod..3 tahun lebih sudah sa membayar..masih lagi nda siap2 huhuu...sakit jiwa sa mau bayar sewa and ni rumah..kalau sa tau bgs sa p beli rumah yg mahal sikit..sma juga bulan2 sa byr hehee...

  12. Hi ALv808. Boleh tanya apa macam mo apply/beli rumah SPNB di Minintod tu?
    Saya pg pejabat SPNB di Bangunan MAA tapi dorang suru cari developer pla.

  13. Masalah btl spnb ni..ruma d apas pun delay..rumah d ranau pun delay..mataii..baru sa mau beli yg platinum..upanya spnb juga..

    Tp brpa unit price for bumi lot ni? ko beli brapa?


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