Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WW : Draw & Express

When Hubby whatsapp me the above pic yesterday...
I feel like a stab right on my heart!
Can you understand what's Rayyan trying to express?

1. Daddy & Exora went back to KK
2. Rayyan, Ryanna & Daddy staying in KK. That's the guard house entering our apartment
3. That's mommy's office in big city, KL. Mommy has to frequently fly back to meet us in KK

I didn't know my Rayyan will express our current situation through his drawing
I feel like I'm such a selfish mother, am I?? *sigh*

Mommy feel you my son!
Mommy miss you all too
Mommy will try my best to gather with you all asap!
*teary eyes*

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pangkor Trip 3D2N

Surprisingly the renew process of the domain, turned out well. So, the blog is still exist. Hahaa..

Ok.. Let’s talk bout my kinda-last-minute-planning Pangkor trip. Reminiscing Redang Trip la kunun. 

3/4/15 (Day 1)

Since our driver (Lia) was unable to join us on the first day, we, Tunung, Lin & I,  have to take bus from Pudu Sentral (Puduraya) to Lumut Jetty. We purchased the bus tickets a day earlier. It cost us RM27.20 per passenger. 

Bus supposed scheduled at 9am but only departed at 9.30am. Another pitstop at Hentian Duta before the journey began. The bus stop for toilet break at Sungkai and before arriving Lumut, the bus stopped at few bus terminals along the way to Lumut.

We finally arrived Lumut at 2pm. Roughly about 4 hours la.

The Lumut Ferry Terminal is just walking distance from the Lumut Bus Terminal. Ferry fares at RM10 return trip. So, please keep your ticket. Ferry ride approximately 30 minutes.

Just for info, other than Lumut Jetty, a new jetty which is Marina Jetty offers shorter ferry ride to Pangkor with merely 10minutes ride.

From Pangkor Jetty, we took the pink bus, to our chalet, Nipah Bay Chalet at Teluk Nipah. RM15 per trip. As per signboard, Teluk Nipah is 6km away from Pangkor Jetty.

Nipah Bay Villa… the first impression was bad! Regretted the reservation we made here. The surrounding is messy to me. Our room is at the ‘end-of-the –world’!  If you come here during non-peak season, I suggest you to just walk-in for room check-in.  There are plenty chalets over here. Foods? No worries at all.

Walkway to our room

After late-lunch, we were just wandering at the street while waiting for hornbill feeding. Do drop by at Sunset View Chalet at 6.45pm for this activity.

It was already 10pm when we went out for late dinner. By the time we finished our dinner, most of the stalls were already closing. Dan kami pun balik bilik dan keboringan. Haha! How I wish we could have walk along the beach at nite, like what we did in Redang, but the beach in Pangkor sangat la gelap gelita. Serammm plakk… Huhuhuhu..

4/4/15 (Day 2)

Since we didn't make it the nite before, we purposely woke up earlier for morning beach walk. It was indeed a great idea coz belum ramai orang. So, taking pictures macam orang gila. Hahahah!


Had our breakfast and while waiting for our driver-friend, we decided to go for boat trip. RM50 per trip. I was enjoying the boat ride to the max and didn’t really paying attention to all the crocodile/turle/foot/whale rocks. *sigh*

When the other friend arrived, we had our quick lunch and off for island tour. Tour la sangat. Heheheh. The pink bus driver asking for RM70 for the 2 hours tour, but we managed to nego to RM60.

1st Pitstop & 2nd Pitstop

3rd Pitstop : Fu Lin Kong Temple
Sini ada mini Great Wall of China

4th Pitstop : Galeri Pangkor

5th Pitstop : Kota Belanda

5/4/15 (Day 3)

Breakfast – Check out – Ferry ride to Lumut Jerry

We managed to do some shoppings at the Lumut Jerry. Didn’t manage to take any photos here. Tengah hari buta kot… panas gila! Sempat lagi lepak dalam 7-Eleven makan ice-cream before journey back to KL begins. Hahaha

Dropped by at Teluk Intan for late lunch, but before that sempat la ber-posing di Menara Condong Teluk Intan. My 2nd time here after 2003 if not mistaken.

Menara Condong Teluk Intan
So yeahh.. that’s all bout Pangkor. Actually, we all agreed that the trip agak kureng puas hati compare to Redang. Hmmm… Whatever it is, the time spending between us that matters.

Check out Tunung & Lin's entries too..

Till our next trip!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Love.. Doo Manager!

I wanted to blog about my Pangkor Trip, but maybe I should wait until next week. As I said in my earlier entry, my blog domain is going to expire this Friday. I'm not really sure what will be happening to this blog. I guess I'll just do the backup and hoping that I won't have to create another new blog. Huhuhu..

Btw, are you watching the Korean drama, My Love From The Star, airing on 8TV every Mon - Fri at 8.30pm now??

Ohh boy... Did I ever tell you that I'm not a Korean-stuff person? Can you believe that I never watch the Winter Sonata drama, when everyone were talking bout that back in 2003 if not mistaken? However, I did drag myself to watch Autumn in My Heart & Full House.

Do Min Joon & Cheong Song Yi
Starred by Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun

It's been ages since my last Korean drama series, thanks to my roomate, Sis Mouren, whom successfully 'poisoned' me to sit together and hooked in front of TV watching Doo Manager! Arghh... I hate his cool look but at the same time loving it too! LOL

Due to over-excited, I have finished the whole episodes of the series via Drama Crazy. Punya semangat! Can't get enough of Do Min Joon laa!! Hahaha..

I suddenly feel like years younger!! LOL...

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