Wednesday, April 09, 2014

WW : Car Boot Sales

Last Sunday was our 2nd week joining the Car Boot Sales at The Core, Kota Damansara
The greatest way to dispose all your preloved stuff..
Lot rental : RM20 only
Every Sunday 7am to 12pm
For more info, log on to their Facebook.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Redang Trip - Day 2 (Morning Session)

The next morning, Tunung and I was kinda excited to wake up early to catch the sunrise. Tunung set her hp alarm as early as 5.30am. Tapi, punya gelap masih di luar time tu! So, no sunrise show. 

After early breakfast, we had morning photography before snorkeling trip to the Marine Park. This was when we get to know about the missing MH370, via social networks of coz. It's been a month huh?! Deep inside my heart, I still wish for miracle... Hmmmm...

Ok, let's the picture do the talking...

I heart this pic so very much walaupun aksi melompat tidak berapa menjadi! Hahaha

The Marine Park took about 20 mins boat ride

After convincing myself that the life jacket will help to float me, I finally managed to snorkel by myself, without holding to the life guard! That feeling was awesome!!! Hheheheh

Thanks to the Lifeguard for all these pics!
Oh! Btw, you can rent underwater camera at the nearby resorts (next to Redang Lagoon Chalet). So, jangan risau kalau tiada underwater camera.. 

Underwater Camera Rental Booth
RM30 for 40 shots
RM40 for 80 shots
RM50 for 150 shot
Renting hour : 9am to 5pm 

Next snorkeling session, deep sea! *faint*

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

WW : Captain America

My Rayyan is a fan of Captain America.
So, yeahh... Our first time movie day out last Saturday..
My daughter was kinda bored actually.
Glad that we managed to finish the movie! Hahaha...

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