Friday, April 29, 2016

Tioman : Expenses

Below RM500
So, under budget!

My advice... Don't buy FM at the duty free shop at Kg Tekek
3pcs for RM20.. mahal!
Plus... x banyak choice..

I bought mine at Kg Genting's jetty
2pcs for RM15
Consider mahal but I loike the FM..

Camior RM8
Toblerone RM7.50
Chocolate at Kg Tekek's duty free shop.. Langkawi of coz cheaper!


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tioman 2016 - Behind the Scene

Agent buat hal!! We called Dumba Bay Resort a day earlier just to make sure our reservation has been made. Guess what?! Our name was not in their list. We called up the agent. Agent kept on saying we don’t have to worry coz they will sort out with the resort and make sure we will get our room. Ended up... the resort has to ‘pinjam’ a room from the neighbor-resort, Marina Bay Resort. Ok, we have a room… hmmm… I hope, Flywind Holidays, the agent will improvise their service in future.

Sea-Front Dumba Bay Resort

We chose to take bus from KL to Kluang. Overnight at Kluang and take bus the next morning to Mersing. Our bus to Kluang was scheduled 9.45pm on Thursday nite. We were supposed to take only 1 train from Sentul Timur to Bandar Tasik Selatan. Due to ‘laluan tren ke Sri Petaling ditutup’, and we don’t have any driver to send us to TBS. We have to take 3 trains to reach TBS. Sentul Timur – Masjid Jamek – KL Sentral (Rapid) and took KLIA Express to TBS. We were panicked and worried that we might not be able to catch our bus! Phewww…

Our bus from Kluang to Mersing supposed scheduled at 10.30am. Due to air-cond problem, have to wait another bus for half an hour.

Waiting for bus @ Kluang Bus Station

I think Mersing ferry terminal has lousy system! You have to queue to pay for the Marine Park fee and National Park fee, RM5 each and another queue to get your ferry ticket. You will need to show your MyKad for the ferry ticket. And again, queue to get your Boading Pass. Different colour of Boading Pass for different ferry schedule. So, please be there at the Terminal at least 1 hour before departure. Our ferry supposed to be 2pm but the ferry has already full. So, we have to take extra-provided ferry which is smaller and stuffy.  The ferry schedule doesn’t seem to be correct either! Oh, it’s free seating ferry.

Mersing Ferry Terminal
Queue jangan tak queue 

The Marina Bay Resort is not next to next with Dumba Bay Resort. It was quite a distance. We are ok even it is not sea view resort but hilly?! Ok, not that hilly but enough say that it was totally not convenient at all! What more when we have to experience no-electricity every single day?! Even it was not only less than half an hour, but for us to climb down and climb up from our room to the counter was an issue!

Hilly Marina Bay Resort
Where you would prefer to stay???

We couldn’t find any place for underwater camera rental at Kg Genting! Frustrating?! Of coz…

Coming back KL, ferry & bus transits took us approx. 12 hours to reach home... Dah mcm naik tren dari Hatyai – KL. Phewwww…

Dalam bas balik KL, baru perasan my right ankle were swollen. Tak perasan pun ada terjatuh ke apa. Elok je buat lompatan maut. Tak sakit & still boleh jalan. Hari ke-2 balik dari Tioman, spotted reddish dots on both legs. Mula la risau. So, p klinik. Dapat la cocok tetanus & alergik. Baru la beransur pulih. Mmg Tioman attack betul! Huhuhu..

Bitten by sea creatures!

Actually, ada benda mistik happen malam terakhir tu. Lucky juga sbb I jenis tido mati. Both Tunung & Lin dengar bunyi something mencakar dekat dinding atas kepala kitaorang. seram tak?! Huhuhu…

We can't help ourselves but to compare the escape with our Redang trip... not until I found this quote today..

In other words, enjoy the journey, not the destination... 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WW ~ Site Audit @ JB

From earthwork on my 1st visit..
8-floor on my 2nd visit..
and finally 39-floor on my recent visit..
Can you believe that we had actually climbing the staircase up till the 39th floor..
Just because we wanted to avoid to passenger hoist.. 
Uhh that will be scary!
But the most importantly, 
it feels great to be able to see the transformation of an empty land to a 39-floor building!
Mcm saya pula yang bina bangunan tu! Poyo!! Ahahaaha..

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